About Tencel

What is TENCEL™ Lyocell?

Tencel is a fiber that is produced from the wood pulp of Eucalyptus trees. This fabric is gentle on skin and its extremely tiny fibers absorb moisture and feel cool and dry to the touch.

Benefits of  TENCEL™

By choosing a sustainable fabric that offers natural sleep and beauty benefits, we are able to support your goals to recharge effectively at the end of each day.


Fine woven fibers help to manage moisture and minimize bedhead. The naturally smooth texture slides across your skin rather than tugging or causing creases to keep you fresh-faced and frizz-free in the morning. 


Designed to nourish your well-being, Tencel fibers feel cool and manage moisture, so you can sleep peacefully throughout the night. The ultra-breathable and lightweight nature of our Tencel offers an incredible softness that you’ll love to curl up in. 


Derived from wood sources, the Tencel fibers are produced using a production process that recycles water and reuses the solvents at a rate of more than 99% to reduce waste. It is certified by the European label OekoTex 100.